Support Lines - Swindon: 07519 832642 - Devizes: 07933 396992


No-one can truly understand the heartache of losing a baby unless they have been through it. We know that when you have lost a baby, you can be surrounded by people, but feel very much alone. We are here to offer support, whether you have recently lost, or if it has been some time and you are now in a place where you would like to meet others. We are really glad that you have found us and we hope that you will find the support that you need here.

What we do

We work closely with GWH and the bereavement midwives to offer immediate support to families via our memory boxes and support literature. We hold monthly support meetings in Swindon and Devizes, run fundraising events and social activities, as well as the email, telephone and one to one support by our befrienders. We also have a growing list of recommended 'In Remembrance of' items to help create personal keepsakes such as jewellery and portraits to help keep your little ones close by. We are always here if you need us on the journey ahead..


We are active on Facebook, and you can find out about more about the group and our activities on our Community Page. We also have a private support page, it's open to anyone who needs it, but please email us if you would like access (

Support Contact

It takes a lot of courage to pick up the phone and call. Our support lines are manned by volunteers, so if you try to call and get no response, please leave a message and someone will be in touch.
Swindon: 07519 832642
Devizes: 07933 396992


Swindon Sands is set up to support bereaved parents, by bereaved parents. We have a number of 'Befrienders' in the group that have attended a Sands befriender training course and we use our own experiences and empathy to talk to others and allow them to share their own experiences. We are not trained counsellors, but parents who have been through a similar situation and we are here to listen and be a shoulder to lean on. As befrienders, we run the support meetings, support line, support email and attend our events and services, should you wish to speak to one of us.