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Sian's Story

Saturday July 23rd - 19+5

Apart from 1 week or so of morning sickness and 1 day of migraine, I felt amazing. Pregnancy clearly suited me. Craig (husband) and I were desperate to find out the sexes of our non-ID twins in a few days. Sat having a cuppa at our best friend's house, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right hand side. It didn't disappear so after trying to walk it off for a couple of hours Jodi told me to call the midwife. She didn't think it was pregnancy related but suggested that if I was worried, that we go to EPU.

Craig and I arrived at the EPU around 4pm to be told that as they weren't expecting us, we needed to go to the walk in centre and they would then accept me if I was referred back to them. The Dr. at the walk in unit tested my urine and said there was an infection and was worried about the pain as he didn't think it was normal. He phoned the EPU to say he was sending me up and said he was worried about placentas etc...

The EPU listened to the heartbeats, did another urine test, a blood test and the Dr. on duty examined me. I was given antibiotics for a urine infection (advised that they were common in pregnancy and that they can be quite painful) and told that a scan wasn't really necessary and that I would have to be admitted overnight to have one and they would call someone in on a Sunday as an emergency. As I had my 20 week scan booked that week he suggested mentioning my visit to the radiographer. He also thought that I may have pulled a muscle due to having twins. The EPU phoned me about 8pm to advise that my bloods had come back. They found high white cell counts but was told that this was in conjunction with the urine infection.

Wednesday 27th July - 20+2

Although the pain was much better, it was still present. Seemed that muscular pain or the urine infection was getting better. I arrived at my 20 week scan. Mentioned my visit and that we wanted to know the sex. Both the radiographer and her trainee were very chatty. Craig and I were very excited to find out that we were having a Boy and a Girl until my cervix was found to be funneling. My Obstetrician was immediately informed and we were quickly ushered to a private room to wait for her. I was then advised that it was too late to stitch my cervix closed and had to have a rubber ring pessary fitted to try and keep it shut. We mentioned the pain again but the Obstetrician kept mentioning that she was worried about pre-term labour as this was very common with twins. I was signed off work for 2 weeks to allow my cervix to settle.

Sunday 31st July - 20+6

After returning from Craig's parents house at 9pm, the pain returned as I got into bed. Of course i'm thinking that i've pulled muscles again. The pain was quite bad and seemed to get worse when I moved and getting out of bed was difficult on my own. Craig pulling me up quickly seemed the least painful.

Wednesday 3rd August - 21+2

Routine visit with the midwife at the surgery. I used this as a perfect opportunity to mention the pain. I reminded her about my call on 23rd July, advised her of the EPU's action and she had no answer for me. She did however, say that it looked like I was in a lot of pain as I "hobbled" into her room and show me the best way to get on and off the bed to minimise muscle pulling and pain.

Thursday 4th August - 21+3

I decided to phone the delivery suite to ask about the pain in my right hand side - was advised that it is common with twins.

Friday 5th August - 21+4

Again I phoned the delivery suite. The midwife advised again that it is common and said she would send me a leaflet on excercises during pregnancy and that there would be information for a physio on there.

Tuesday 9th August - 22+1

After being stuck in the house I decided that I would take Craig's parents offer of dinner out. The pain had been bad now constantly for 9 days. We had a nice evening and returned to a much needed bed at 10pm. Suddenly waking up in much more severe pain at 1am (even though the previous pain was crippling), I decided that I was able to take more pain relief. After waiting for this to kick in, I was trying to get comfortable. It seemed now that lying down was a big no no. At 3am when I was still pacing round the bedroom I decided I couldn't keep quiet from the pain anymore. Craig contacted delivery and they asked me to come straight in. I knew I wasn't in labour but I just couldn't work out what was wrong and couldn't stand the pain anymore.

Wednesday 10th August - 22+2

Upon arrival around 4am, the heartbeats were checked. All ok there and delivery really had no idea of what was happening to me. After being given 2 doses of Pethadin and finally Entinox, the pain finally became bearable. I think by this time it was 7am. Blood was taken and a surgeon came to assess the pain and my abdomen. An ultrasound was ordered immediately. A large mass the size of a coca cola can (10x5x6cm) was found and appeared to be attached to the ovary. I was advised that I had to be operated on ASAP and was put on the emergency list.

4pm I went under general for an operation which should last around 1 hour. I woke up in recovery and immediately asked about my babies to be told that they were fine. I suddenly had a rush of pain and realised that it was 7:35pm! I asked why and was told that my appendix and part of my bowel had been removed in the surgery and not an ovarian cyst. I didn't even care about anything else because my babies were safe and was happy to see my husband who was waiting for me. My Mother in Law and Brother were also waiting in my room to see me.

Thursday 11th August - 22+3

I was very very tired from surgery and of course Nurse monitoring every hour throughout the night. A Stoma Nurse came to see me to explain about my Ileostomy and the reason why I had one. The surgeon decided that after removing the dead bowel, it was too dangerous to re-join it during pregnancy due to possible leakage and the need for another major operation. It was to be reversed after having the twins. I wasn't phased by any of this. Looking back on it, I think I realised that I was lucky to be alive and as long as my babies were fine I didn't care about me. I asked someone on the ward if a midwife could come down so I could listen to my babies heartbeats. They sounded so amazing.

Friday 12th August - 22+4

I woke up around 1am expecting to see a Nurse in my room. I then realised I was having contractions and this must have woken me up. I pressed my call button and after examinations, it was confirmed that I had gone into labour. I asked for Craig to be called immediately. When he arrived he seemed distraught and couldn't believe what was happening.

Our beautiful daughter Lola Louise Evans was born at 12:35pm weighing 450g. She was taken to SCBU and at 1:10pm I gave birth to her handsome brother Lukas Harrison Evans who weighed 485g. We were told then that although he was born breathing, that he didn't make it and did we want to hold him. We both burst into tears at the same time and began to give our little boy kisses and cuddles. After delivery of the placentas it was time for Craig to contact family and our best friends. They all knew what was happening but were desperate to know the outcome. It turned out that Craig's Mum and my Brother were on their way to the hospital already and would only be 15 minutes. Craig called his Brother who immediately left his work in Bristol to be with us.

Craig and I were given the opportunity to meet our beautiful daughter. We took her brother in to see her. They looked so amazing together.

My Brother and Craig's Mum arrived first, then Craig's Brother and then a family friend. All held our precious Lukas. We were told that St. Michaels in Bristol were happy to accept Lola and that they were on their way to collect her. Everyone went in to see her before she left and early evening my husband and his Mum then went to stay in Bristol with her. Although the ward allowed my brother to stay in my room with me I felt terribly lonely and didn't know when I would see my Daughter and Husband. I'm just so glad that Lukas was able to stay with me for a couple of days.

Sunday 14th August - 2 days old

The hospital decided that I was able to travel to St. Michaels to visit my daughter. Upon arrival I couldn't stand up from my wheelchair because I was so weak. Even with the incubator at it's lowest I struggled to see my beautiful girl. We had Lola Christened that afternoon and had our Brothers' (who were present) and our best friends who we wished could have been there as Godparents.

Bristol decided I was too poorly to travel back to Swindon and found me a bed on a ward. It was the first night I had been on my own since the birth and I couldn't sleep. I was so close to my daughter but couldn't be with her and so far away from my baby boy whom i'd left behind in Swindon.

Monday 15th August - 3 days old

Our best friends were due to visit me in Bristol. I sent them a text to say that if they didn't have much time that I would prefer them to meet their God Daughter instead. They had already met Lukas the day after he was born and didn't want them to miss out on seeing Lola. Craig and I had already been told that Lola was incredibly poorly and wasn't improving. They both managed to see Lola and thought she was beautiful.

Tuesday 16th August - 4 days old

Craig and I had to make the biggest and most painful decision of our lives. Lola had become much worse overnight and was very poorly indeed. Lola was taken into a side room so that we could be alone with her. We were having some food while this happened and had a phone call to say that we needed to see her now as she was deteriorating fast. Her vitals had gone right down so we rushed to be with her. I'm so glad that we got to hold her before she passed. Lola died around 3:05pm in Craig's arms and after some time alone, the whole family came in to hold her. We bathed and dressed her in a little outfit which we thought would match her brothers.

I feel blessed to have spent time with my beautiful children. We held a small graveside funeral for them at Kingsdown Cemetery on 30th August where they were buried together.

It has come to light that the pain was in fact appendicitis. The appendix burst and an abcess grew around it and caused peritonitis which in turn had caused my cervix to start opening. Our beautiful babies just couldn't stay in with the infection and stress of the surgery any longer.

R.I.P Lola and Lukas
Mummy and Daddy Love you and miss you more each day xxxx

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