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Jo's Story

This was my first pregnancy and all had been going pretty well. There had been a few scares early on but by 30 weeks all was progressing quite smoothly. I loved being pregnant and gradually getting bigger. I had a right little wiggler inside of me and just loved lying down for hours feeling movements. I'd left work a week before Xmas to go on maternity leave and was looking forward to a fat and waddly Xmas (as my husband so kindly put it) and then time to really enjoy the pregnancy. Little wiggles, bless her had other ideas though.

It was at 31 weeks, just 4 days before Xmas when my waters broke. It was all quite calm, we went into hospital not really knowing what to expect. I was given tablets to try to stop the labour but our precious little one clearly wanted to spend Xmas with her Mummy and Daddy. Our gorgeous little girl Holly May was born at 16.47 weighing 3lb 5 oz. She was the most adorable little girl and the most precious thing that has ever happened to my Husband and I. We were just so overwhelmed by love for her. Although she was in the Special Care Baby Unit she was doing so well, it was an absolute privilege to hold, cuddle and care for her and we spent the most wonderful Xmas ever. We will never ever forget these precious memories.

Two days after Christmas, when she was just 6 days old, we had that dreaded phone call to come to the hospital as our darling little baby was unwell. She had contracted a horrible infection called Necrotising Enterocolitis (Nec) and it wasn't looking good. She was then transferred to a more specialist hospital in Bristol and that same evening we were told the devastating news that our little girl was too poorly for the doctors to help. Our world so very quickly came crashing down on us. We cuddled her, talked to her and sung to her for hours as she quietly left this world. We had to pack a lifetime of loving into just 6 days.

We will never ever forget you sweetheart, Mummy and Daddy love and miss you so very much. We were so lucky to know you and will cherish those special memories we had forever. Sleep tight precious one xxxxxxxx

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