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The experience that someone has of a late miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death will greatly vary from person to person. Circumstances and care can also differ. Everybody has their own story to tell.

Many parents have told us how important the memories of the short time with their baby are and that they have found it comforting to have reminders that they can look at and hold. It’s never too late to create memories in honour of your precious baby and many of our group activities and events are based around remembering our little ones through things like releasing a balloon, adding your baby’s name to the Swindon Sands memory cloth, creating a pebble for the garden and many more.

We provide precious memory boxes to GWH for parents to create as many memories as possible in the short time they have with their baby. If you did not choose to receive a memory box but would now like one, or do not have one for whatever reason and would like one to store your babies items and keepsakes in then please get in touch.

Ways to remember your baby

Here are some ideas that people have done to create memories and keepsakes of their baby:

  • Release a balloon, you could attach a light weight note to the string or use a permanent marker to write a message on the balloon
  • Paint a pebble and lay it in the Sands baby garden at Kingsdown crematorium
  • Plant a small bush or plant in the back border at the baby garden
  • Plant some forget me not seeds in memory of your baby
  • Buy a special candle to light in memory of your baby
  • Have an item of jewellery created from hand & footprints if you have them
  • Have permanent bronze casts created from your plaster casts
  • Wearing a personalised item of jewellery with your baby(s) name on can bring a huge amount of comfort
  • Ask us to add you baby(s) name to our Memorial Cloth and it will be embroidered on with all the other babies names
  • Create a Blog or journal about your feelings and experience through your journey ~ often the smaller details will become less clear over time so writing them down can capture the experience more clearly
  • If you have a photograph of your baby you could have a large picture made by an artist to hang on the wall in your home
  • Buy a personalised Christmas decoration for your tree
  • Add you babies name to our ‘Month of Remembrance’ which is sent out monthly by email and on our support face book page
  • Paint a glass jar using glass paints and add a tea light, to light in memory of your baby
  • Name a star in memory of your baby

Please visit the Keepsakes page for ideas of where to get some of these items.

Personal Stories

Listed on the right are some personal stories recounted by some of our member's. You might find parts that connect with your own experience. We hope that by reading them you know that you are not alone and there are others that truly understand and that you gain strength, comfort and hope.

The stories include photographs of special memories and places that have exceptional significance to our members. Please be aware that some members have added photos of their beautiful babies. Please feel free to have a look.

About Memories

The memories one creates during the time of loss are very different and unique to every individual.

If you would like to add a page of remembrance, or add your own story and memories then please contact