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NewsletterFrom 2010 to 2015 we produced a paper newsletter, and you can access the past issues in the Archive section below. From 2015 onwards we have relied instead on our Facebook Community page, and also send out information on important events through our mailing list. Please join to receive updates from us.

If you have a story that you think would be good for us to send to our members then we would love to hear from you too, so please contact with the details.








About Us

Our local group is made up of mums and dads who have all lost little ones at various stages, either during pregnancy or soon after birth. Some have lost several years ago and others very recently. The heartache of having to say goodbye to a much loved and wanted baby, can never be truly understood unless you have been through it.

Getting involved with the group means that no one has to face this difficult journey alone and there will always be people around who understand.

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