Support Lines - Swindon: 07519 832642 - Devizes: 07933 396992


Swindon Sands is run by local parents who have all felt the devastating loss of a little one. Swindon Sands has been, and continues to be, a huge support to us all.

  • Laura Kirby-Deacon (Co-chair, Befriender and Hospital Liaison)
    Laura joined the committee in 2013 in memory or her beautiful daughter Iashia. She is also our Fundraising Co-ordinator.
  • Wiky Gardner (Co-chair)
    Mum to Jenna (born at nearly 27wks in Oct 1996). Wiky joined the committee in 2014 to help others going through similar experiences
  • Jan Clarke (Treasurer)
  • Cathy Milburn (Befriender)
    Cathy co-founded Swindon Sands in 2008, a year after losing her little boy Adam Lee at 31wks into her pregnancy. She is also a befriender for the group.
  • Dave Millard (Web)
    Dave joined in 2010 in memory of his daughters Holly and Daisy. He looks after the Swindon Sands website and anything else that needs to be plugged in.
  • Emma Bishop
    Emma joined the group in 2010, having lost her baby daughter Aimee.
  • Craig Evans
    Dad to twins Lola & Lukas (August 2012). Craig joined the committee in 2013 to help give back some of the much valued support he received after the loss of his twins
  • Sophie Miles

About Us

Our local group is made up of mums and dads who have all lost little ones at various stages, either during pregnancy or soon after birth. Some have lost several years ago and others very recently. The heartache of having to say goodbye to a much loved and wanted baby, can never be truly understood unless you have been through it.

Getting involved with the group means that no one has to face this difficult journey alone and there will always be people around who understand.

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