Support Lines - Swindon: 07519 832642 - Devizes: 07933 396992


Swindon Sands was set up in 2008 by Cathy Milburn and Natasha Vesma, who first met through the national sands support forum after losing their own little boys at similar times. Cathy moved to Swindon from Torquay with her family soon after losing her little boy, to find there was no support for parents who had the devastating journey of coming to terms with their loss. So she looked into the possibility of setting up a support group in the area. Meanwhile Natasha also moved close to Swindon and had the same thoughts about a need for support and so they joined up, did the befriender training together and jumped straight in!

Cathy stood down as Group Chair in 2015 and Natasha was Group Secretary until June 2010. Thank you so much to both of you for your determination and hard work in getting the group started.


We are active on Facebook, and you can find out about more about the group and our activities on our Community Page. We also have a private support page, it's open to anyone who needs it, but please email us if you would like access (

About Us

Our local group is made up of mums and dads who have all lost little ones at various stages, either during pregnancy or soon after birth. Some have lost several years ago and others very recently. The heartache of having to say goodbye to a much loved and wanted baby, can never be truly understood unless you have been through it.

Getting involved with the group means that no one has to face this difficult journey alone and there will always be people around who understand.

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